"Basic Witch is the witty web series you need this Halloween" 

- The Cut, NY Magazine

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"What makes Basic Witch so unique is its willingness to embrace deeper themes underneath its comedy. There’s a seriousness to it, one that boasts the comic sensibilities of The Office at some points and then surprises you with feminist overtones at every turn. The everyday struggles that these witches face smartly mirrors the misogyny and racism that plays out everywhere."

-Jade Budowski for DECIDER

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“Playwright Ryann Weir has written a bittersweet tale of outcasts struggling to find their way in the world...a world that combines Wes Anderson's awkwardness with teen girl juvenilia.” funny and smart”

-New York Theatre Review

“Ms. Weir, the playwright, has said in an interview that she is interested in exploring the lives of “polite, mannered women” who want to find a way to contribute to society. It should be most interesting to watch her continue her examination of these issues over time as she hones her obvious talents."

-Talkin’ Broadway

“The play is equal parts Oscar Wilde...and John Hughes,”

-Manhattan With A Twist

“hysterical and heartwarming new play”

-The Arts Wire

“Playwright Ryann Weir hit on some great themes about the breaking of tradition, the yearning for self-expression, and the way in which loss can strengthen bonds.”

-Tracy’s New York Life

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Adam Szymkowicz Interview:


"Weir's nutty dialogue with co-star Dylan Lamb in The Dinosaur Play is hilarious and leads, near the end, to a marvelous and touching twist"

-Eva Yaa Asantewaa for InfiniteBody


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"The cast does especially well committing to their various characters, particularly the charming and grounded Jamie Effros, a side splitting Ben Otto, and the tragic but hilarious Ryann Weir. "

-Christopher Oscar Peña for Theater is Easy


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"Weir, as Anna, is at once naive and innocent in exchanges with the doctor, then lusty and insatiable with a bus boy and student activist on the European trip. Weir handles the broad range of emotion well. She embodies Anna's complexity completely."

-Catherine Houser for Cape Cod Times


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"Ryann Weir is very believable as the vivacious Anna. Sharing the stage with these two dynamic performers, Weir feeds off their energy and mesmerizes the audience as she does it.""...the acting is top notch here"


-Amy Tagliaferri for The Cape Cod Chronicle


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"Ryann Weir as Anna is at her best when she’s being funny, which is—oddly enough, when you consider the premise—for a good part of the play. Weir is both emotionally needy and emotionally sustaining, conflicted about her brother and about her own role in life, and ultimately showing strengths the audience didn’t suspect she had."


-Jeannette de Beauvoir for io Cape Cod


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"Ryann Weir shows a range of emotions as Anna, who experiences the six stages of grief including denial, anger, acceptance and hope, plus an additional one: lust. One of the funniest scenes is her seduction of a shy bellhop.""Brine and Weir create a believable brother/sister relationship and play well off each other."


-Johanna Crosby for Wicked Local Brewster


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"...the First Ladies Project unearths hilarious and often touching stories of this under-appreciated sorority. It brings to light questions regarding the role of women within the Presidency, American History and in turn society today"


"The First Ladies project is a well-crafted satire written in the 'Second CIty' style...[but] for all the hard-hitting satire evident throughout the show, there were some wonderful moments of humanity as well...[including] Hillary Clinton on facing her husband's repeated infidelities."


-Trish Vignola for Broadway World


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"The ladies who have written, directed and perform the 'First Ladies Project' are amongst the most exciting emerging artists I know. They are smart, hilarious, brutal, and clear-sighted. First Ladies Project brazenly charts what it means to be a woman with power in America through a mixture of song, movement and text. A valuable and deeply enjoyable work that signals five new, vital theatrical voices."


-Rachel Chavkin, Director


"Max Reuben and Ryann Weir are playful and appropriately scatter-brained as the sheep dogs Jessie and Bluebell...a crude, slapdash production that is raw in all the right places"

-Theater Pulse Blog


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"The well-trained ensemble cast is fully committed to their roles as the rebellious fauna; all will surely have a bright future in edgy post-modern theater. But they also display a level of professionalism that extends beyond that of the average fringe performer."

-Deb Miller for The Artblog


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"It's little wonder that the majority of the cast and creative minds behind this piece attended NYU Tish School of Drama, because the types of actors represented by this largely strong group of artists are immediately recognizable and hilarious."




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"When it opened at the Cherry Pit last fall, Our Farm was the most successful play ever to appear at the venue, being the only one to turn a profit. Part of that is the play's resonance with young audiences, especially theater students."




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